Angus Lowe studied Art History at University of Manchester before an MA in Architectural History at UCL. His oil painting process combines Surrealism’s Automatic drawing with findings from his Art History thesis on empathy and kinaesthetics. His first marks are intuitive, freed from intention. In them the subject is found. Now he imagines the physicality of being that subject and aligns the gestural energy of oil painted brushstrokes with this sensation. This method necessarily results in a wide variety of images due to chance being at their evolutionary core. What they have in common is considered attention to the characteristics of each brush stroke and how their painterly interaction reveals the underlying force of the subject.

His first solo exhibition From Lines (held in London where he lives and works) in 2019 focussed the technique. A portrait was intended when making rapid marker pen lines before oil paint fleshed figures onto the ‘bones’ of these marks. His project starting in 2022, ‘Tectons’, involve a freeform addition of planes emulating the shifting of tectonic plates.

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Angus also works in 2D stopmotion animations which can be found on his Vimeo page



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